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W dniach 21-27 maja 2017r. odwiedziły naszą szkołę dwie studentki.


Po raz szósty gościmy w naszej szkole studentów zagranicznych uczelni. Wizytę organizuje i koordynuje studencka organizacja AIESEC.


Poniżej chcemy przedstawić w paru słowach sylwetki naszych gości. Oto co opowiedziała o sobie Qing Yu z Chin.


My name in Chinese is 于晴. I  am from Jilin Province, Changchun City. I am 18. I like doing exercises, watching films and playing games. I came to Poland because I have never been to Europe before and I want to explore this world region. AIESEC project is perfect for me to understand the country. I am interested in learning foreign languages. Polish is a good challenge for me. In Poland, the houses are amazing because in China and Singapore, it is almost impossible to have a house with a garden. And Polish people are really friendly to me. It is a very peaceful country and I can enjoy my time here.


Saakshi również podzieliła się z nami swoimi wrażeniami i informacjami o sobie.

Saakshi po hindusku pisane:  साक्षी

I am 20 years old and I am from Mumbai in India. I learn at the Jai Hind Collage. It’s a University in India. I study BMM (Bachelors Of Mass Media). My hobbies are: sketching, watching films, reading and a little bit of dancing and singing. I want to go into the advertising field after I finish my course.

I had a lot of options as to which country I could visit for a project through AIESEC. This is my first visit to Europe and I am glad I chose Poland. Poland is a very beautiful country and the people are very kind.

Iwas in Kielce for a week, then in a small and pretty village called Wola Jochova or something like this as it is very hard to remember form me; and now  I am in Busko- Zdrój. During the classes here at school in Poland I have been telling students in various schools about the culture and various festivals in my country (India). The students here are very enthusiastic and kind. There exists a language barrier as I cannot speak Polish and not all of students speak good English. But they put in their best efforts to understand me and they seem to be very fascinated with the Indian culture. I am very happy with this interest.